Rockets from Gaza

How does something so new grows so old in a few days? I can’t even remember when it was exactly that I heard my first rocket alarm. It must have been sometime last week.

Suddenly an alarm went off, different from all the sirens we have heard during the past months. Different from the Shabbath siren. We knew it had to be the rocket alarm. We picked up the kids and took them to the safest place in the house. The bathroom.

No rush, no panic, I think I might have giggled even. Upstair neighbors shrieked and ran. Hearing their running footsteps for the first time ever was the only sound that made me just a little nervous. 

We as parents of our little ones have been trained for weird situations. And having had numerous fire drills, war drills and what-have-you, it just felt like one of those. We actually felt a little silly in our bathroom. In fact, it made me want to clean it.

Or maybe it has something to do with having had five children in eight years. There is not so much that stresses us out anymore. If you can handle body fluids in the weirdest places, screaming and laughter, poo and vomit and very little sleep for years. What will a rocket alarm unsettle you, right? It’s just an alarm. 

I made a big deal out of talking the kids through it all afterwards. We made jokes, re-enacted those silly little firework rockets from Gaza falling down in places not intended by the ones who fired them. Kid #1 was Gaza, a little fox a rocket, #2 laughed and laughed. We hugged, smiled, I even handed out the Rescue Remedy lozenges the kids love but rarely get. 

So when the second one this week sounded yesterday, we sort of reluctantly dragged ourselves to that same old bathroom again. Now I really wanted to clean it. We sat and waited the alarm out. After a short while everybody was giggly and it was quite hard to keep the youngest ones inside the bathroom, too.

How does something so new grows so old so easily? I don’t know. But I did clean that bathroom today. Or actually, awesome child #2 did most of it. Awesome kid #1 cleaned the toilets. I guess they, too, thought we have been spending a little bit too much time in the dirty bathroom, lately…


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