I am learning Hebrew

I am learning Hebrew. And I must say, I think a higher power made today’s lesson fall out. Because boy, am I learning Hebrew. I am the only female in a class full of males. It has nothing to do with my sex but I am the snail of the class. And the Grandmother, too. I am slow and old. Once I was gifted, now my memory fails me and I write all the letters wrong.

A class full of Seminary students. Not only did they all learn Biblical Hebrew in the past which enables them to learn modern Hebrew at rocket speed (no pun intended…). They are also young, have all the time in the world and sanctify their lives by studying.

When I was still in the military, boys and girls were dynamic. Boys had a great sense of humor. Sexist jokes would make me slap my thigh. And at least half the class would spend a day dreaming of one night alone with me.

Now the best joke my class mates can think of is when the boys call each other girls. They want to act dialogues out in a romantic way with each other and I didn’t exist for the first week. Nobody, and I mean nobody, gave me the eye. I felt as if I was floating in a weird vacuum. I am not THAT old, thank you very much.

Finally, eleven other guys from my home country came to the rescue. My classmates and I had something to talk about. Soccer! But after this weekend’s finals, I might only be able to stretch that topic out for another week.

Oh well, we could always talk about religion, I guess. Like the joke one of them told me when I asked about celibacy:

One priest asks another priest: what do you think will happen to celibacy in the Catholic Church in the years to come?

The other answers: well, father, that is something only our children will be able to tell us.


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